1. Verb + report


Use the correct form of these verbs:


blame                             deny


highlight                        publish


recommend                 give


The committee are due to ____________ their long- awaited report on the health service next week.

A spokesman refused either to confirm or ____________ the reports that bank rates were about to rise.

I’ve got to ____________ a report on our financial situation to the board meeting on Friday.

The report____________ some of the problems in schools today. In particular, it identifies the main causes of violence and lack of discipline.

The report calls for a total ban on smoking in night clubs. It also____________ that all buildings be fitted with smoke detectors.

Initial reports____________ the train driver for the accident, but the official report released yesterday exonerated the driver from all responsibility.

Go back and underline all the verb collocations.




2          Common adjective collocations


Use the following adjectives in these sentences:


biased                              live


damning                         detailed


eye-witness                  unconfirmed


In a few minutes we hope to bring you a____________ report from the games in Australia via satellite.

A____________ and in-depth report on the Prime Minister’s resignation will follow shortly.

The government complained that the BBC’s reports of the war were____________. It expected the BBC’s reporting to be objective and impartial.

The version of events given by the army was contradicted by ____________ reports from locals.

The committee published a ____________ report on the running of the company. In particular, it is highly critical of senior management.

___________ reports said that at least eighty people had been killed in riots. However, a government spokesman claimed that these reports were greatly exaggerated.

Go back and underline all the other interesting collocations in this exercise.




3          Noun + preposition + report


Complete the sentences with these nouns:


recommendations                   contents light


publication                              touches copy


The government has accepted the key ____________ in Lord Talbot’s recently published report on drug-taking among school-age children.

I will send you a ____________ of the report as soon as it is ready.

There will be an investigation to find out who leaked the ____________ of the report to the press.

The government has decided that ____________ of the report would be contrary to the public interest.

I spent all morning putting the finishing ____________ to my report.

The company will have to revise some of its health and safety procedures in the ____________ of this report.



4          Types of report


Match the two halves of these sentences:


Tune into Radio 4 while driving – the traffic and weather reports are

The judge will delay his verdict until he receives a medical report

Can you give us a progress report

The chairman of the company presented the annual report

She dismissed the newspaper reports of the break-up of her marriage

a          on the offender.


b          on what has happened so far?


c          always up to the minute.


d          as pure speculation.


e          to the shareholders








  1.         Note these expressions:


According to news reports, there was only one survivor. We’re getting reports from the scene of the crash that about 20 cars were involved.


  1.         You may hear this on the television news:


The following report contains images which some viewers may find upsetting.







Ex 1: 1. publish 2. deny 3.give 4. highlights 5. recommends 6. blame


Ex 2: 1. live 2. detailed 3. biased 4. eye-witness 5. damning 6. Unconfirmed


Ex 3: 1. recommendations 2. copy 3. contents 4.       publication 5. touches 6. light


Ex 4: l-c           2-a 3-b 4-e       5-d