1          Verb + safety


Use the correct form of these verbs:


compromise                guarantee improve         reach




  1. Army officers told the journalists it was such a dangerous area that they could not ______________ their safety.


  1. The refugees walked for nearly a week until they ______________ safety.


  1. Railway companies have dismissed fears that staff cuts will ______________ safety. They say they are not putting profit before people’s lives.


  1. These new measures are designed to ______________ safety in our schools.




2          Expressions with prepositions




Complete the sentences with these expressions:


for the safety of         from the safety of for your own safety      in safety to safety




  1. In the crowded streets of the city centre it is difficult to find a place where children can play ______________ .


  1. The boat sank about a hundred metres from the shore, but we all managed to swim______________ .


  1. The police are concerned ______________ a three-year-old boy who has been missing for two days.


  1. In the safari park you can watch the lions ______________ your car.


  1. Smoking and the use of mobile phones are not permitted on board this plane ______________ .




3          Safety + noun




Complete the sentences below with these nouns:


features                       precautions procedures


reasons                        regulations record




  1. Farmers need to take safety ____________ and wear protective clothing when spraying pesticides onto their crops.


  1. The area in the park near where the children play has been fenced off for safety ____________ .


  1. This hall does not conform to safety ____________. That’s why we can’t let the public use it.


  1. Very stringent safety checks are carried out on all our planes. That’s why this airline has such an excellent safety ____________ .


  1. Our engineers have incorporated all the latest safety____________ into the design of this car.


  1. As the plane prepared for take-off, the cabin crew demonstrated the safety ____________ .




4          Noun + preposition + safety




Cross out the wrong preposition in these sentences:


  1. There is growing concern about / on the safety of mobile phones.


  1. German cars have a reputation on / for safety and reliability.


  1. In the interests of / in safety, smoking is forbidden in the cinema.


  1. This latest accident has raised doubts in / about the safety of the aircraft.


  1. The firemen led the women out of the burning building to a place of / in safety.


  1. With no thought to / of her own safety, she dived into the river to save the drowning child.






  1. Note this expression:


There’s safety in numbers, so it’s better to walk home with a friend late at night.




  1. Note these adjective collocations:


The thick glass walls allow you to watch these wild animals in perfect / complete safety.


The car is fitted with side bars for extra safety.




  1. Note this expression:


The fireman carried the child to safety.




  1. Note the following noun collocations:


All employees are issued with health and safety guidelines.


The reduction in the speed limit is part of a new road safety campaign.




  1. By law, companies have to have a ‘Health and Safety’ expert, who is responsible for all matters relating to the safety of employees.






Ex 1:


  1. guarantee     2. reached 3. compromise     4. improve


Ex 2:


  1. in safety    2. to safety 3. for the safety of      4. from the safety of 5. for your own safety


Ex 3:


  1. precautions     2. reasons 3. regulations      4. record 5. features 6. procedures


Ex 4:


  1. concern about     2. reputation for   3.interests of 4. doubts about      5. place of 6. thought of